We are the Trojan Judo Club at the University of Southern California.

Interested in learning about or practicing Judo? Join the Trojan Judo Club!

Judo is a martial art originating in Japan that is now widely practiced all over the world and as a popular Olympic sport. Judo means “gentle way,” and focuses on using an opponent’s own weight to throw him or her. Judo consists of a variety of different techniques, including standing techniques (tachi-waza), grappling, foot sweeps (ashi-waza), and matwork similar to wrestling (ne-waza). Everyone is welcome to come learn about this fun sport!

We have members with a wide range of experience. No experience is necessary. From socials to tournaments, the Trojan Judo Club is an active and fun group!

Official Practices for Spring 2014:

Tuesdays 10-11:45 pm
Thursdays 10-11:45 pm
PED 201

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